gift guides 2010: ages 3 – 5

This is the age of the little adults, the independence, the no’s, and the I can do it’s. Or, maybe this is simply the age when it really begins! Here’s a list of toys and goodies that celebrate a kid’s imaginative ability to believe in and do absolutely anything.
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Under $25

Wooden Memory Game, $24.95 (free shipping from Land of Nod!) Age: 3 +
You may know from other posts of mine that memory games are a personal favorite. The beauty of this wooden version is it’s sheer indestructibility. Perfect for your first couple of games.

Tin Tea Set, $24.95 Age: 3 +
You can’t get more classic than this. The beauty of this tea set is it’s universal appeal – it’s not licensed, or pink, or swirly. So make sure your tea parties are equal opportunity events for all!

Bilibo Pixel Box, $20, Age: 4+
I know I’m a real stick-in-the-mud adult when my response to a completely open-ended, build-your-own game is: but how? That’s the beauty of Bilibo Pixel. This game will help you find your inner child, and let your children revel in their own imagination as well.

kid-o Build your own Kaleidoscope Seedlings kit – 4 +
Kids have it made, how I wish creative kits like this existed when I was young. Sometimes a little jumpstart is all we need to get making something, and this kit is sure to accomplish that.

Other Goose: Re-Nurseried!! and Re-Rhymed!! $13.99 Age: 3 +
J. Otto Seibeld is an illustrator who takes no prisoners, using a style that pushes your comfort level just a little bit, but with a whole lot of fun, color, and sweetness to keep it sane. These hilarious revisions will keep adults in stitches, and may make you want to reread the originals with your kids too.

Under $50

Grace Elephant, $35 Age: 3 +
There are probably 20 toy designs in my career that I’m most proud of, and Grace is definitely one of them. She’s made with a garment-quality hi-lo fur, and the floppiest most understuffed (read: huggable) body ever. I’d give one of her to every kid I know if I could!

Everearth wooden kitchen set with pots and pans, $19.99 – $27.99 Age: 3 +
When I first ran across this adorable kitchen, I thought what a steal! And it is, but it’s not your average kid-sized kitchen. Instead, it’s probably 2 feet tall with a little extra. It’s easy to play with for the kids, but also easy on the pocketbook and the storage options.

Everearth workbench set, $27.99 Age: 3 +
Same as the kitchen above, this toolbench is not as tall as the kids who will play with, but the details and features are what matters in the end. Plus, the price is so so right.

Take a Letter Puzzle, $34 Age: 3 +
Wooden Puzzles do come cheaper, but they aren’t nearly as nice to look at, nor as high in quality. Perfect for learning your P’s and Q’s and all those other ones that I keep forgetting about.

Posable Wood Mice with Clothes, $29.99 Age 3+
Sometimes when I’m shopping for toys, I admit I’m shopping for that little girl I used to be. This charming pair and their clothes is so timeless, and so perfect. What little kid wouldn’t love all these pieces to play with?

Deluxe Nature Explorer Set, $39.99 Age: 4+
It’s always more fun to get a gift with lots of parts and pieces, and this set definitely has you covered. Though some of the items might be best used this spring, there are other pieces that are bound to keep your kid occupied right here and now.


Hang in the Balance Board, $89 (free shipping at Land of Nod!) Age: 4+
Balance Boards are fun on their own, but the added play of these interchangable game inserts adds hours more fun. Especially for a house with siblings, where they can egg each other on and on!

Plasma Car, $59.99 Age: 3+
The classiest (and most fun) way to get kids to scoot around on their patooties. I dare you to keep your butt to yourself.

Educo Dollhouse, $74.95 Age: 3+
This is one of the most affordable wooden dollhouses I’ve seen, and as you can tell from this earlier dollhouse post, I’ve been doing a lot of research lately! You can always go for the deluxe Plan Toy Dollhouses (loving the Green Dollhouse), but this dollhouse is a great place to start.

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