gift guides: stocking stuffers under $25

I’m such a sucker for anything that costs less than $25 – it makes my buying decision much easier. But finding the right combo of price and stocking stuffer cache is a little tougher. I think I’ve pulled together some great finds – and most of them will actually fit in your stockings too!

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Circus Teethers, set of 3, $11.99 Age: 3 mos +

Simple teethers for babies are deceptive, to some adults they look a little bland, but if it’s the right material the babe is in heaven! This set includes 3 teethers – each one has a different softness for the growing needs of your teething tot (from beginner to full mug of teeth).

Min-designer bath goods, $10.89 Age: 6 mos +
A little pick me up for the bath-taker in your life, these open-ended shapes and scrubbies will reinvigorate bathtime.

Monkey Face and Grasp, $8.99 Age: 6 mos +
The crazy happy face on this wooden monkey rattle will wake up even the tiredest parents.

Organic Teething BonBon, $15.95 Age: 6 mos  +
Perfect for the Eco-Chique on your list, this minimalist teething toy will keep baby and parent happy.

Layer by Layer Puzzle, house or car, $12.95, Age: 2 +
The layers of this puzzle will keep the stacking tot happy, while working on those tedious motor skills we keep hearing about.

Ring Flash Cards, $12.00 Age: 2 +
The perfect on-the-go toy for tots, there are various themes to choose from too – alphabet, nature, and French, to name a couple.

Classic Toy Stuffer, $34.00 Age: 3 +
This is the perfect stocking stuffer kit all in one shot. The set includes 25 classic little toy wonders to amuse and entertain!

Munchlers Lunch Bag, $16.95 Age: 3 +
The key to this stocking stuffer is to label it anything BUT a lunchbag. You know, like a portable pet puppy pouch, or a secret sticker stasher, etc. Perhaps filling it with something equally amazing!

Custom-made Name Stamp, $18.50, Age: 3 +
Perfect for the little librarian, I would love to see one of these in every one of my kiddo’s favorite books.

Walrus Slider Sled, $9.99 Age: 3 +
Such a simple little sled, with a simple little price, but I’m betting it makes some complicated good fun.

Wiggly eye dice, $13.99 Age: 3 +
How sweet are these dice? All those little eyes will stare you down and keep you honest in your next family game night battle.

52 Activities Cards, $6.95 Age: 4 +
I had a box homemade rainy day index card ideas when I was a kid. Somehow these brightly illustrated cards would be a little more uplifting on a stormy afternoon.

Flutophone, $2.99 Age: 5 +
Guaranteed to make your brother’s kids “musicians” of the highest – and loudest – degree.

String Games Book, $7.95 Age: 5 +
String games are so fascinating – even as an adult I want to steal this book and play with some eiffel towers and pendulums and other silly string shapes, tangling up all my fingers and my brain.

Gyro Wheel, $2.99 Age: 6 +
Honestly, as a kid I never got the hang of this. But I didn’t have one of my own. Get one now for your own kids, so they won’t know my hardship.

Crystal Caves, $19.99, Age: 6 +
These are self-contained versions of the messier make your own crystals sets. Turn them over to grow them, and turn them back to watch them dissolve. Then repeat ad infinitum.

Paper Airplane Kit, $12.95 Age: 7 +
The prettier modern version of those plain old average airplanes we used to make.

Dweebies Card Game, $9.99 Age: 8 +
These illustrations crack. me. up. And the game looks like a blast too.

Story Cubes, $9.99 Age: 8 +
There are multiple ways to play this game – all requiring a heavy dose of imagination and laughter. SO cool.

Magnetic Tangrams Book, $12.99 Age: 8 +
Perfect for long trips to the relatives over the holidays, this magnetic tangram book includes the pieces and the puzzles all in one handy tome.

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