face time

by mari

As I said yesterday, this week I’m (accidentally) focusing on gifts for my own almost-one-year-old. (that statement makes me gasp, how can she be almost one?) I’ve seen the Place a Face Stacking Blocks a couple different times in the stores and I keep meaning to grab’em. Now that it’s that time of year (you know the one) they’ve found their way onto the Little Bird’s Christmas Gift list. Alex Jr. has a great line of infant products (see my earlier post here) – and the design appeal is light years ahead of their more staid and traditional Alex range of crafty toys. The combination of the usual stacking concept with the peek-a-boo faces looks like a blast. I’m hoping Little Bird will notice the faces – she will in time, but maybe not quite yet. Right now she’s more likely to hit the dog – poor, long-suffering, couch potato, kind-hearted George – with each block, or even a stack of them. Repeatedly.

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