Mookah – Beanbags with a twist

by mari

You know that saying: When it rains, it pours? Once again, clichés are clichés for a reason. With the new year it appears several of my freelance clients are ready to start new projects. All of them are exciting and I can’t wait to start each one. But. The scheduling is making my head hurt. Luckily on the other end is oodles of fun things like researching and brainstorming and drawing new things that you’ve never seen before. This beanbag cover from Mookah is a good example of the things I’ve been looking at. Right out of the gate, it’s got it’s own unique approach to the category – shape, styling, and the handle at the top. But it also follows through with some great execution – and the best part is the color palette. Loving the colors. Loving the fabric print choice. If we didn’t already have a Fatboy, I’d get this instead. Mookah also carries some very lovely poofs/ottomans, floor pillows, and charming stuffed creatures (which I may just feature some other day!)

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