the catalogue of wren

by mari

One of the easy things we did at Birdie’s first birthday party was layout her photo albums. I’d look over and everyone was quietly taking their turn looking through all four of the books we’ve made so far. It was a great thing to keep guests occupied during conversation lulls, and puts everyone on the same “page”. (I’m so hilarious.) But this was only possible because of my obsession with blurb. Though I haven’t played much with some of the other photo book options out there, I do know blurb’s downloadable software and well-designed templates keep my designer-side pretty well mollified. As I keep telling people, I have to work really hard to take off my designer/artist hat and just be a proud mom when putting these books together. Because, let’s be honest, not every important shot of my little Birdie is going to be an art piece. Sigh. That’s hard to admit. We’ve created books at 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months. I’m just starting the 1 year book, which I think we’ll make bigger and grander. But the pièce de résistance? the catalogue of wren.

This was my gift to my husband for Christmas. We have this little thing going. Most years, if I ask him “What do you want for Christmas?” He responds, with a straight face, “world peace”. If you know my husband you know this is, well, I’ll put it nicely and say silly. So, over the years I’ve given him various gifts: an ukiyo-e style print of Japanese women holding giant peapods (World Peas), an oddly cut-out piece of an old globe pinned up in a shadow box and labeled World Piece #20051225. The list goes on. This year, it was the catalogue of wren: all the parts and pieces of our little bird. Each 2-page spread features the item (hair, hands, bellybutton, heinie) in latin and english, its function (to gather giggles, to poke mom’s eye out) and its location (reaching for everything, sitting on the floor). Alongside the descriptions are images of Wren from her first weeks up to the last few weeks before her birthday. I’m quite proud of it, and of her. As well as my husband’s amazing and touching reaction to such a lovely gift. Enjoy the link to see more.

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