carry a bunny with you at all times

by mari

Let’s be honest, I think most of the things I post here at Small for Big are things I wish I’d designed. These stuffed bunnies from Romp are a prime example. A good design just hits me in a way that’s sometimes hard to describe. I’ve heard it called the Love Factor. Appropriate this week, no? All I know is that most of the stuffed animals I’ve designed over the years start with one image in my head – how will it look dragging behind a 2-year old by its arm/ear/leg/tail? Seriously. I’m not joking. I almost always start a stuffed animal design with that question. You can tell this brilliant designer has done the same thing. And isn’t the result absolutely adorable? Even though the elephants are out of stock right now, the bunnies are my favorite anyway. Perhaps that’s because Birdie’s favorite little animal right now is a stuffed bunny too.

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