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by mari

Parasols Boutique Kids Clearance Sale Finds

First of all, I love it when bloggers help other bloggers. I also love it when bloggers help indie businesses. And when we’re all one big happy family singing Kumbaya, it’s pretty damn special. So when Jena, from the ever-stylish Modish blog, wrote me a little note about Parasols Boutique’s big clearance sale, I was thrilled to see the deals, to bask in a bit of interwebs community, and to share it with you. They’re selling great brands like Wonderboy, Hatch, and Winter Water Factory – and everything is under $25. Yep, you read that right. Up above you can see what I scored for Birdie’s fall wardrobe – and the grand total before shipping? 30 smackeroos. Suddenly I can’t wait for fall so Birdie can look as stylish as, well, Parasols Boutique.

Here’s some examples of what you’ll find for $15 each:

And here’s some of the $25 a piece finds:

What else can I say but, SCORE!

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