winter games – the indoor kind

by mari

Wooden Mosaic Puzzles by Puzzled One on Etsy

Did I just put that in the title? “Winter”? Wow. Sorry about that. Didn’t see that coming. This morning was so cold at our house I gave in and turned the heat on. And it led me to some worries about winter and my mischievous toddler, who appears to be approaching the terrible twos with lightning speed. I swear the number of “NO’s” that have come out of her mouth in the past week has doubled, or maybe tripled. We definitely need some indoor friendly, games, puzzles, and other toys that might entertain her. Any ideas? Though this Wooden Mandala  Flower Puzzle from Puzzled One won’t help my tot yet, it might help you and your older kids. Heck, it might help me wind down too – if I ever got 10 minutes to myself!

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1 Vincent aka CuteMonsterDad September 21, 2010 at 8:15 am

I like the wooden puzzle. Reminds me of the Beatles. :) As for ideas for play indoors, there are numerous possibilities. I wrote a post about Active Indoor Activities earlier this summer when we were being hit by heat waves. These ideas apply for Winter as well. So when you read it, just replace all the hot references with ice cold ones. :)

Active Indoor Activities for Kids


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