where’s my pebble mattress?

by mari

Nook Sleep System Organic Latex Pebble Mattress and New Play Mat

I’ve been eyeing Nook’s organic Pebble Mattresses for some time. Then I sat kitty-corner from their booth for 3 days (while helping man Numsi’s booth) at the abc kids expo. Now I feel it might be bordering on an obsession. This is at the top of the list of reasons why we need a second child! The design drew me to them first. But it was wonderful to get the full tour from Lila and discover all the hidden goodies of their organic line: organic removable washable covers, latex interior, air circulation pebble surfaces, antimicrobial finish, and more. They also provide the Pebble Lite, less organic, but with a non-toxic foam core and the same air ciruclation pebble surface. The Pebble Organic’s price is not equal to your entry level crib mattresses, but this is an area where we splurged for our organic mattress. I have a feeling lots of parents feel the same way. Because small humans spend so much time on their mattress!

The best news? For those of us who already spent too much moola on our crib mattresses, Nook debuted their new Pebble surfaced, portable, circular play mats at the show! You can blame me for being so overwhelmed that I forgot to take a picture. I promise to show you one later.

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