food is fun & so is the book

by mari

Greedy Greg on Green Vegetables from Anorak Magazine's Food is Fun Kids Cookbook

You may not realize this, but you are desperately in need of a sassy cookbook that includes a recipe for “Super Easy Cake that a Monkey Could Make”. Anorak Magzine’s Food is Fun Cookbook is a hilarious combo of many many things food-related and fascinating. It’s like an all-in-one hybrid of activity book, fact book, food editorial, kid-friendly recipe book, and journal, with a brief article on the food habits of a 1940’s wartime couple thrown in for good measure. There’s really bad – er, I mean good! – foodie jokes, too. And, get this, it’s British. So for all of my US readers, you get the added bonus of showing your kids how to convert some of the recipes from metric to imperial (and I dare you to explain the history behind that complication. Here’s a link for the math portion, at least.). Even us adults will learn something – like what the heck is a Salsify? You’ll have to read the book to find out (or I hear google works well too). The book will be available in Barnes and Noble beginning March 27th, or you can order directly from Anorak and get 50% off international shipping.

Here’s a little vid for your virtual skimming:

Meanwhile, if you haven’t come across Anorak Magazine yet, it is a very wonderful kids magazine. You can find a couple of the issues stateside via The Curiosity Shoppe. For a full list check their website as well. (And the Anorak Kids iphone app is hiliarious and cool).

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