charlie & nell are like you & me

by mari

Retro upcycled handmade modern dolls with tattoos - Charlie & Nell

It’s like clockwork, my need to find good dolls! I had another post in mind for today, but in the end I had the itch. So I started trolling the net for a new doll to call my favorite. I think Charlie & Nell’s sweet dolls will fit the bill. I’m giving into the urge to have dolls for ME as much as for Birdie, and I can’t think of a better pair of dolls to sit on a shelf in our bedroom than a boy and girl like these. (thought I doubt my husband would agree? Oh, whatever.)

Each doll is handmade using lots of quirky vintage and re-purposed fabrics and trim. Even their names are retro charming: Maeve (above, $60), Charlie ($60), and Lulu ($60).  They each feel like a modern portrait of a retro-happenin’ friend.

But the sweetest tidbit: it appears each doll has a little hand-stitched tattoo on their forearm. It’s always better to keep it a little less than sugar-sweet, right? Yessirree-bob.

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