rainbows strike the hearts of many

by mari

Manka Handmade stuffed monster animals for babies and kids on etsy

Happy Post Mother’s Day Monday everyone! I suppose there’s a little bit of that back in the trenches feeling today? Hopefully that’s partially thanks to a lovely Mom’s Day had by all of you! I know we certainly deserve it. Maybe these sweet faces will cheer you some.

Manka‘s sweet handmade creatures – monsters? aliens? magical mystical widgets? – are about as adorable as they come. I can’t decide if I like the simplicity of the Rainbow belly with a little green heart or the Frida Kahlo eyebrows version. I should ask my Birdie girl which one she’d prefer, she has pretty good taste. What about you? (I mean, I KNOW you have good taste, as you’re still reading this, but which Manka friend would you pick?)


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