sailing away,
at least in the palms of my hands

by mari

Oyma handmade wooden black sea fishing trawler toy boats on etsy

I was stuck in the slow lane today, watching a truck breeze by with a boat bouncing along behind it, and desperately wanted to be sitting on the water somewhere. It’s one of those itches I don’t actually get very often, but I think springtime brings it out in me – it’s all the green smells and fresh breezes.

But, since we don’t have access to a boat of any kind, today I’ll be dreaming of the smaller variety. Like a boat from Oyma that I can hold in the palm of my hand. Now that’s taking control of your travel plans! Made in Turkey, each of Oyma’s wooden boats, $14.99 is a replica of a traditional Black Sea Fishing Trawler. I love the idea of bringing a little world culture into our backyard puddles.

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