puzzling characters

by mari

character and animal parade retro mod illustrated DIY Puzzle Kits

When I first saw Ingela Arrhenius’s hilarious Character Parade and Animal Parade Puzzles, I couldn’t find them for sale anywhere! But I am the ultimate toy bloodhound. They couldn’t hide from me for long. And the moment I flushed them out, I just had to share them with you.

I’m also happy to note that these puzzle sets are totally affordable. For $7 each, I think I could be easily convinced that I should own both sets. The thick board they’re printed on might even hold up to my 3 year old’s “gentle” assembly. Ok, maybe that’s pushing it, but with a little Momma supervision I think we’d have some fun. I mean come on, there’s a muscle man, a very goofy deer, and an afro-topped rock star. How could they not be fun?!

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1 joy April 11, 2014 at 10:55 am


I bought a 2d puzzle at a yard sale and my son loves them! They are dinosaurs. I didn’t even know what they were to try and find more – so thank you for your blog! :) I searched for 3d puzzles and looked at google images until I realized they were 2d (from your post).

I tried finding these in Amazon, ebay and other places – to know avail. :( I noticed this post was in 2012. If you could help me find some of these… Any of these.. I’d greatly appreciate it!


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