giggling with pink cheeks studios

by mari

Pink Cheeks Studios - Handmade monster, strong man, stuffed animal, and doll plush from Etsy

When you find yourself in need of a very particular kind of friend, I think I’ve found the perfect place to look. It’s almost a circus, but much sweeter and easier to find. Perhaps you need a swash-buckling, mustachio’d strong man, with a penchant for polka dots. There’s the little elephant boy with a toothy grin and a heart so big he wears it on the outside. Or a pink-haired bouffant of a girl doll with eyebrows stronger than black coffee.

If those are the friends you need, and who doesn’t really, then Pink Cheeks Studios is your special island paradise. I’m hopeful that your little ones will think it’s just as good as a candy store! Handmade with oodles of details and lots of great stories, PInk Cheeks Studio characters run between $38 – 60. If you’re planning a nursery, you have to check out her selection of truly unique mobiles – the same quirky characters in miniature – would be an amazing starting point for entire decor theme.

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