round about: alphabet pillows

by mari

Elsie Dodds Illustrated Modern Alphabet Pillows

Wow. I’ve been trying not to bog you all down with my tales of woe, but it’s been one heck of a week over here. There’s this weird infection that I can’t kick, so I’m spending every day with fevers and chills and aches and pains. So today, instead of our usual round about of 6 fantabulous items, we’re going to focus on one. Because it’s probably that awesome, and I need to go lay down.

Behold, Elsie Dodds Alphabet Pillows. Honestly, the fronts are so amazing I’d be hard pressed to turn them around to see the letters, but still, the option is there! Found via La Petit Mag and Thersic.

Ok, I’m off to go read a really bad book…

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