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sniffling pillows & artistic soup

by mari

Top Links this week: kids decor and pillows, halloween diy, giggle store at jcpenney

This week flew by in a mass of emotions. There were some low points, and then there was the super high one: I found a ticket to the sold out blog conference Alt Summit in January 2013! I’ve been dying to go, and missed the ticket buying frenzy earlier this summer by mere minutes. The most surreal bit: 2 different ticket opportunities came my way in the space of about 4 hours on Monday. I really should have run out and bought some lottery tickets, as a friend of mine suggested! I need to give a huge thank you to MailChimp for giving me the chance to go! I’m already feeling more inspired and invigorated and it’s 3 months away. Oh my word, it’s only 3 months away!

Round about the world wide web this week, I found these favorite things:

  • Need to keep something secret? See how over at Colour Me There. Then you can buy one for me please!
  • Great inspiration for our future house thanks to Lay Baby Lay.
  • Put your Elmer’s in the fridge to prepare for this DIY, via Pinterest.
  • I never thought I’d drink my milk out of someone else’s nose, did you? DIY via Classic Play.
  • I’m excited by the latest collaboration with JCPenney. I”ve got to get in that store sometime soon. via Lil’ Sugar.
  • Did you nab any of the Warhol limited edition Campbell’s Soup Cans at Target? Loving this re-use idea, via Under the Sycamore.

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