fly me to the moon with the kiddies

by mari

Kiddies on the Moon Stuffed Animals - Warthogfl

Sometimes a stuffed toy’s personality leaps out and grabs me before I can even be certain I know what animal it is. This Warthog would be a perfect example of that – her cuckoo colors, patterns, and fringe made my eyes go wide. Part animal, part sofa cushion, part reject from the Lion King (but in the best of ways!), she’s so ready to sit on Birdie’s bed.

Alas, if I followed that thought with every toy I loevd, Birdie would need several beds to hold all of them! And with Kiddies Over the Moon’s fabulous menagerie of characters, we might need a bed just for them. Something about those silly hunched backs and impossible fabric combos is calling to me. What about you?

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