because kids love to crumple things … like maps

by mari

Crumpled City Junior maps for kids

In a scant two weeks I’m getting on a plane and flying to Salt Lake City, UT, to attend the Altitude Design Summit. I am beyond excited! But I’m still debating how to tell my daughter I’ll be gone for four long days. She’s been pretty attached at the hip lately, and I know it’s going to be a bit rough while I’m having an absolute blast (and simultaneously missing her horribly) several states away from her. The best thing I can think of to help her understand is to get her a map of the US, and chart out where we’ll both be.

I wish Crumpled City Junior made a map of the United States. But even without that, next time we plan a trip to one of these great locations: London, Paris, New York, Berlin, or Amsterdam – you’d better bet your bottom dollar we’ll have one of these maps with us. Birdie loves trying to decipher where we are, and how we got there, and an indestructible, colorful map like these would be the perfect accessory.

You can also see the full selection of maps from Palomar, the Italian design firm behind these amazing designs. Plus, check out the regular old adult Crumpled City maps too.

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