making new (stuffed) friends

by mari

Kase-Faz handmade dolls from Portugal

Have I really not talked about Kase-Faz before? It looks like that’s the case. I even pinned Maria’s amazing dolls on Pinterest. Well. I guess it’s high time we remedied this situation, isn’t it?

Kase-Faz dolls are handmade with the most adorable features. I’m partial to the hooded woolen capelets, and the pig tails that defy gravity. Plus, the simplicity of each doll’s face is really appealing to me – it leaves more room for the imagination. Dolls are shipped worldwide, so don’t let the overseas destination fool you. That just makes them more special when they arrive at your door in their special cotton bags. Take a peek at her portfolio to see the full range of her work – there are some lovely creatures in there.

Make sure to check out that amazing Felix pillow too. To heck with Birdie’s bed, I want him on mine.

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Birdie Learns to Fly Children's Book Written and illustrated by Mari Richards

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