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by mari

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I think the best moment of my week can be summed up in this conversation with Birdie:

“Momma, I’m scared of the monsters down there. Aren’t you?”
“You know what, I’m not scared, because I know I’m strong enough to fight back – and I know you are too.”
“But Mom, I’m not. Not without Brody here!” (Brody is her preschool best buddy. Dare we say, boyfriend?!)
“How does Brody help you fight monsters?”
“HE has ICE Power. I don’t have Ice Power.”
“What powers do you have instead?”
And with the most dejected slumped shoulders, and a head hanging down towards the floor, she says sadly:
“I only have Pixie Dust.”

If only my problems revolved around Pixie Dust and Ice Powers. What a fabulous world that would be.

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • In honor of love beyond Valentine’s Day, have you seen Paperman yet? It’s worth it.
  • Why are so many beautiful home accessories like this usually semi-unattainable?
  • I’m always so fascinated by 1-drawing-a-day projects, such great work comes out of them.
  • Yeah, the usual love day is over, but this family pillow would be a great gift any time of year.
  • My house feels like an episode of hoarders right now – I don’t know where to start. Then I see amazing closets like this one.
  • Yeah, that’s right. We Belong. Don’t tell me otherwise.

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