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HIpster Modern Soft Cloth Books for Babies from Ex Libris Handmade on

I have two important things to note today! First, have you heard of Brika? It’s this gorgeous little site full of curated handmade goodness. It’s like Etsy without the filler. You can thank Brika for helping me find these amazing soft books, I’d recommend checking them out (Brika, that is. Ok and these soft books too!)

Mustaches Cloth Book

I think you and I can both agree that books are important. We started young – you know, at birth – with books for Birdie. I’m betting you did the same with your babes in arms. Carefully reading board books and even hardcovers to give them something beautiful to listen to and sometimes to help lull them to sleep. But baby-SAFE books are an entirely different category, with soft books an even smaller subcategory. And if you actually try to talk about the cool, interesting, quality soft books? Well, you’re down to just a handful.

Mammals Cloth Book

Now that handful has turned into a stack: Ex Lbris Handmade’s collection of thirteen soft books are witty, handmade, eco-friendly, and pretty to look at too. Now, how do we create an appropriate library environment to handle floppy books like these? I just don’t think shelving them upright is going to work out so well – and where would you put the little numbered library labels?

Leaves Cloth Book

Insects Cloth Book

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