a modern princess in training

by mari

Princess in Training Children's PIcture Book for Modern Princesses

Viola Louise Hassenfeffer is not your ordinary princess. I suppose that’s probably true of most princesses, but Viola seems to be a special case. She is really horrible at behaving in a traditional “princess” way, which is precisely what makes Princess in Training (by Tammi Sauer, and illustrated by Joe Berger) so fascinating!

Princess Hassenfeffer is much more skilled at skateboarding, moat-diving and karate-chopping than she is at waving a royal wave, or dancing the perfect waltz. The King and Queen, in desperation, send her off to Camp Princess, to get schooled. But in the end, it’s her adventurous non-princess ways that save the day. We don’t need no stinkin’ prince to get us out of a jam!

Princess in Training is one of several modern princess books that I have my eye on. Birdie, in her eager 4 year old way, is embracing the concept of Princess with all kinds of pomp and circumstance, and I’m determined to show her the many versions of what a princess can be. Do you have any good princess recommendations to share? Advice from the princess trenches?

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