I love moonlight

by mari

I Love Moonlight handmade large stuffed animals and dolls on Etsy

It’s true, I really do love moonlight. But I Love Moonlight is also the name of a sweet shop full of sweeter animals. I’m guessing they all love moonlight, but some of them look like they might be a little scared of the dark. I have a soft spot for stuffed toys that look a little scared, they just need that much more love from all of us big strong humans.

My favorite part about these creatures is their size – they’re almost 20 inches tall! Take a peek at the last photo below for an idea of their size. Let me say again, it just makes them easier to hug and love on. Full of unique charm, upcycled and designer fabrics, and a flare for disguises, I Love Moonlight’s characters also come with fascinating names like Ernesto and Fernando. They’re big enough to be your child’s bedtime pillow, your sofa pillow, and a forever companion.

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1 Walter Silva June 6, 2013 at 1:51 pm

super cool!


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