round about: rainbow implements & shallow boxes

by mari

This week's top links: Rainbow pencils, Shadow Box Collections, handmade dolls, ios 7 for kids, rubberband wood construction

Well, this week started out with a bang. While my husband and daughter were off in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin (3 hours away, or so), I managed to accidentally overdose on one of my medications. Yep. Two of my meds are pills of the exact same size and color. I grabbed the wrong bottle, and took 4 times my usual dose of that particular medication right before before bedtime. I had no idea what I’d done until the following morning when I woke up! So yeah, I’ve been dealing with the after effects of that little snafu all week long! It wasn’t life-threatening by any means, but it still threw my body – and me – for quite a loop. I now have sharpie’d the heck out of the pill bottles to try and keep them straight! Hit forehead with palm.

Round about the internet this week:

  • I really really want to build a collection like this one. via Skunkboy.
  • Rainbow pencils to keep my little girl happy as a clam. via Design Milk.
  • Some of my favorite dolls ever. via Knuffles a la Carte.
  • She renders me speechless with her creativity and productivity. Jess Quinn.
  • Ok, I need to take the time to upgrade to iOS7, it has a Kids section categorized by age! via Babyology.
  • Rubber bands and wood never looked so intriguing. via Petits Petits Tresors.

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