DIY: painted teacher gift tags

by Bar

DIY Painted Teacher Gift Tags - Printable Holiday Craft - Hand Made by Kids | @smallforbig

It’s time to shower our wonderful teachers with gifts and handmade goodness. This year, I wanted to make our tags even more personal with little paintings. As an added surprise… on the back of the tags, the kids were able to fill in words that reminded them of their beloved teachers. I designed these tags as a printable so you can make them, too!

DIY painted teacher gift tags + printable | small for big

Here’s what you’ll need:

Liquid watercolors (watered down with 2/3 water)


Watercolor paper (9 x 12 cut to 8.5 x 11)

Download printables for front outlines + back type

Scissors, hole punch, twine

DIY painted teacher gift tags + printable | small for big


~ This printable is meant to run through your printer two times. Run it through the first time for the outline of the tag. Then, flip the paper over and run it through a second time for the type on the back.

~ Use q-tips for a fun way to paint! The kids love this change-up from the regular old paintbrushes. Remind your kids to paint a little bit outside the lines (it looks nicer when trimming). Also, my kids found it easier to let each color dry first before adding the next color. It’s such a small space that bleeding colors can look a bit messy.

~ When dry, cut out the tags using the outlines as a guide. Punch a hole at the top and tie on some string.

~ Fill in the back, and voila! You are done!

DIY painted teacher gift tags + printable | small for big

Over the years we’ve made lots of different gift tags and handmade things for our teachers (check them out here). But these are one of my favorites because they are so personalized and from the heart. They would also make super cute ornaments!

xo, Bar

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