you’ve got snail mail

by mari

handmade wooden toys - Tree by Kerri Lee - Santa's letters Christmas Mailbox

Though I love the look of natural wood toys, I’ve run into a constant theme with Birdie. She tells me they need to be painted. Though I adore her creative spirit and urge to add her own personal stamp to her toys – I’m just not wlling to do it to those expensive natural wood beauties. So sometimes, painted wood is good.

music-box-love-pink-lg copy

Especially when it looks as sweet and timeless as these wooden toys from Tree by Kerri Lee. There are music boxes, keepsake boxes, mobiles, mirrors, blocks, and more all waiting for you to take a peek. I’m a big fan of that mailbox up above. Yeah, the mailbox has a Santa on the front of it, but I wouldn’t mind looking at it year round, would you? I can see long-winded back and forth letters with the fairies, mother nature, the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny, heck, the list is endless. Or, even letters between mom and daughter, wouldn’t that be lovely?



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