masters of disguise: decorate your easter eggs with these printables

by mari

Download Easter Egg Decorating Printables

Looking for sure-fire egg decorating ideas this Spring season? Yes, there are lots of messy, wonderful, painterly choices out there. But right alongside the dyes and paints, let’s add some disguises to your arsenal.


These Easter Egg Craft Printables are quick to print out, fun to cut out, and good skill-building for youngsters too, if you need an excuse. Plus, each piece can be used a zillion ways – Birdie took the ears of one and made them into eyes for another, and turned several pieces into hair for a third! We used wooden eggs, which turns this into a reusable toy as well – just remove the pieces and start all over. But they’ll work just as well with your old-fashioned dyed eggs too. The only caveat, some of the smaller pieces may need your steady hand to cut them out. Happy Easter everyone!


What you’ll need:

  • Easter Eggs Printable (2 pages)
  • Eggs – either real Easter eggs, or wooden eggs from the craft store.
  • Double stick tape, or Elmer’s Glue
  • Scissors

What you’ll do:

  • It’s easy peasy, really: first, Download the Easter Eggs Printable.
  • Cut out your pieces.
  • Use double stick tape or glue to assemble.
  • Display for Easter – and every Easter to come!



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