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by mari

Kidizen App - Used Kids Clothing Marketplace - Preloved Clothing Sellers and Shops | Small for Big

Are you in the throes of Spring cleaning? Perhaps you’ve just realized, as we have, that the kids have absolutely nothing to wear in this warmer Spring weather, and way too many winter clothes left. I think I’ve found the perfect app to get us through the shift in seasons (and every other week thereafter): Kidizen!


Kidizen is a new app creating a simple-to-use marketplace for parents ready to sell and buy gently used kids clothing. It’s super intuitive, and all you need to set up “shop” is a Paypal account and an iPhone.  You can follow your favorite shops, friends, or parents with kids who’ve just outgrown what you need, and create filters for each of your children using clothing size, shoe size, and preferred brands. The main feed is easy, with quick finger gestures getting you to sizing info, and a place in each individual product listing for questions or comments. When I searched for Birdie’s size I saw Oilily and Mini Boden among other things, so the brands are great too. With the ease of an iPhone pic and a quick description, you can seriously clear out your closets in a snap.


I’ve seen other sites trying to create kid-friendly marketplaces for pre-loved duds, but I can honestly say it’s never looked as easy or fun as Kidizen. Besides, I spend more time on my iPhone or iPad than anywhere else these days, so it makes sense to shop and sell there too. With USPS  scheduling pickups to your door, the entire process can be carried out even in the middle of the bleakest snowstorm (though I’m praying to all things holy that we’re done with snow for awhile). I’m already considering listing those 2 pair of shoes that never fit Birdie in the right season, and an extra coat languishing at the back of hall closet – and that’s before I’ve sorted through her drawers!

Download the Kidizen app for free and see all the shopping/selling fun for yourself!

A big thank you to Kidizen for sponsoring this post. All opinions are, of course, my own.

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