you’ll flip for these modern flip dolls

by mari

Sophie & Lili Flip Dolls

Do you remember the old traditional flip dolls? I remember fairy tale versions: one side was Little Red Riding Hood, the other was the Wolf in Grandma’s glasses. They were more about the story, and less about the cuddle factor, at least that’s how I remember the dolls I knew.


Sophie & Lili has turned the flip doll concept on its head (see what I did there?)! Now, these modern flip dolls are charming magical creatures by day, and then they flip to pajamas and eye masks at night. It’s such a sweet way to tuck them to bed with your favorite little girl at the end of a long day. Plus, it’s a lot faster to change them into their pajamas than your other dolls – I know this from harried  real-life experience.

I’m loving the updated innovations, but I’m also thrilled with the quality of the materials and the sweetness of the price – $25 for a flip doll? It’s like 2 dolls in one! But if you’re looking for a more traditional doll, Sophie & Lilie has those too – in all kinds of colors.


A big thanks to Sophie & Lili for providing us with a sample to hug, love, and tuck into bed!

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