round about: national ukulele day

by mari

six ukuleles for you and the kids

Normally this would be my moment to sum up the week and share some of my favorite finds from round about the internet. But this week? Oh no, not this week. It’s National Ukulele Day people. And I’m in love with ukuleles. It’s something about their diminutive size and sweet little sound. They’re a little bit quirky, easy to carry around with you, and perfect for little kids. Especially when you can find one for $25. I even bought the Kid Made Modern Ukulele kits on clearance at Target for $10 – one for me and one for Birdie. Which means this house is now home to 3 ukuleles. Yes, I have a problem. I guess my husband needs to learn how to play too. Anyway, without further adieu, here are a couple of (soprano) ukes that will make you and your kiddos siiiing! And I’ll join you, ukulele in hand.

  • For DIYers like me, check out this sweet ukulele kit to make your own and customize just so. Wonder Forest turned her into a floral beauty.
  • Zither Heaven’s ukulele gets great reviews for a first uke, and I love the unique approach to the tuning pins and headstock.
  • Hohner Kids’ Aloha Ukulele is a more traditional beauty, for those who prefer natural wood.
  • Every good ukulele will last longer with a pretty ukulele case – and there are lots of fun styles to choose from at this Etsy shop.
  • Our local music store carries Diamond Head Ukuleles, so even though they’re the cheapest, they’re still a great beginner choice. Plus, there is an entire rainbow of colors to choose from!
  • For the true aficionado, upgrade from the traditional to an amazing work of art, like this handmade Oval Ukulele. Or, they have an apple, shark, and  atom version too.

If you’re looking for a good beginner ukulele book, I’ve heard good things about this one.
And a couple of easy songs. Have a wonderful, musical, weekend everyone!

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