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by mari

Mini Monster Scented Marker Pens from International Arrivals - Art Supplies for Kids

It’s rare that I get to wander around a stationery store these days, but last weekend I got the chance and oh what goodies I found! Thanks to stationer Mara-Mi’s store in Stillwater, I now have a long list of wants that I don’t really need but I don’t give a damn because I’m going to get them all eventually! They’re that cool.



International Arrivals has found my inner tween girl and created a smorgasbord of drawing and writing options beyond her wildest dreams. I really couldn’t decide what to share with you. There are the scented Mini Monster Pens, or the wooden pencils that are actually mechanical, the peel away Unravels Crayons with jokes hidden in the paper, Sparkle Gel Crayons with watercolor effects, and 3D Neon Glue Sticks. Just for starters. I didn’t even share all the scented pens and markers, the glass crayons, the face paints, and all the other glories. Some of them are even arty enough that the adult me wants them too – like the Super Mix Pastels in metallic colors.

Ok, I’m starting to hyperventilate. I better stop listing out all my favorites before I fall over.

133_46_Unravels_Jokes_Crayons__53253.1400798627.1280.1280 116_1_Doodl_Goo_Neon__37134.1401237899.1280.1280 133_57_Sparkle_Watercolor_Gel_Crayons__10582.1398207131.1280.1280

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