round about: how to summer in the 70s

by mari

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This past week I’ve been obsessing over a presentation I’ll be giving next week. It’s all about living a multi-faceted life, which I’ve realized over the last 5 years is my favorite way to live. It used to seem like a problem to me – I always had too many interests and no way to funnel them into one cohesive goal/job/identity. Now I’m realizing I’m better off when I let the multitudes thrive. Let’s hope I can be that succinct when I’m speaking next week! I think I need to practice a bit. What’s your favorite presentation tip/trick to share with me?!

Meanwhile, round about the internet this week:

  • Maybe if Birdie and I fill this out I can stop the flood of “What are we doing today?”s. via You Are My Fave.
  • As I make a mental list of impossibly perfect summer activities, this rings true. 1970’s Summer via Huffington Post.
  • I keep meaning to up my game in this area! via Small Fry.
  • We’re still looking for last minute Father’s Day Gifts like this one. via Sanae Ishida.
  • Learn what it really looks when a kid is drowning, and keep yours safe.  via Foss Swim School.
  • Crazy, and super cool. via Stella McCartney Kids.

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