let’s get minimals

by mari

Sebastian Burga design via Behance - Minimals animal building toys

The peculiar thing about the internet is this: even when you believe you are thoroughly plugged in (perhaps too much so), well-connected, reading the right things from the right sources, and basically obsessed in general – you still miss things all the time.


Take these hilarious animals, the Minimals, as an example. Apparently they showed up last year, and yet I just found them the other day. I suppose this is the beauty of Pinterest: eventually every pin comes back around. (which is good for us bloggers, by the way!). Though Peru-based designer Sebastian Burga’s designs are not available for purchase, as far as I can tell, they’re still a bright spot on this Monday morning. I think the giraffe is my favorite, what about you?

minimals5 minimals7minimals2minimals3


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