round about: serious spirit kitties & summerific birthdays

by mari

This week's top links: letters to kids, birthday gifts for moms, terrarium upcycling, pink kitty art, scissors drawings, Alt Summit Summer

Today is my mom’s birthday, so before I say anything else: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I’m hoping you have a fabulous, wonderful, knock-out, amazing day filled with chocolate, birthday cake, flowers, plants, and maybe some knitting. I’ll call ya later mom to confirm that list. That’s the best part of this day, that and the fact that it’s Friday after a busy week full of projects. I can’t wait to share a couple of them over the next two weeks – lots of fun things in the works! Round about the internet this week:

  • A letter after my own heart – life balance happens over weeks, not hours. via Design for Minikind.
  • Hm. My birthday is around the corner, maybe I need an upgrade? via Design is Mine.
  • Vintage industrial and terrariums combined? I’m drooling. via Etsy on Tumblr.
  • This over serious, totally girly, killing the trend kitty is killing me. via Pinterest/Urban Outfitters.
  • Inspiration to be had in the most mundane of things. via Bored Panda.
  • I’m all kinds of wrong: I’m extra sad I missed Alt Summit because of the free swag. via Small Fry.

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