whoa, it’s the whoa-bots

by mari

whoa-bots building blocks stacking robot toy and game

It is a rare thing for me to let a product description speak for itself. I almost never quote from someone else’s website verbatim. But these Whoa-bots deserve their original bio:

“Aside from just being a bunch of goof balls, WHOA-BOTS™ pride themselves on their mesmerizing acrobatic feats, ceaseless wit, and impeccable taste in music.  Born of a long lineage of robotic wonders, but always underachieving, their only directive is to climb, stack, and balance themselves into evermore complex and impressive formations, all while improving the motor skills and providing endless fun for human children and adults alike.”

See what I mean? Don’t you love them even more now?


And if that wasn’t already more than enough Treehopper Toys – the geniuses behind these robotic wonders – also create these gorgeous Puzzled Blocks. I know, right? There’s not much more I can say. Though I think you should add them to your shopping lists right now.


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