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by mari

Flow Magazine

I love the bookstore. My husband starts rolling his eyes every time I start huffing the book bindings, which I do, liberally. They smell so damn good. And now, I can finally see Birdie loving bookstores too – for more than the chance to beg for a new toy or another coloring book. Today, my friends, she picked out a book on Ancient Egypt and a magazine on Teddy Roosevelt. I kid you not. It makes me light up inside to see her begin to understand the power of a good book.


I found a gorgeous find too: the International edition of Flow Magazine, which is all new to me. Though this Dutch mag has been around for 5 years, I haven’t stumbled across one of their (slightly sporadic I think?) international copies until now – and from now on I’ll be searching them out. Though the cover says it’s a magazine for paper lovers, it’s so much more than that. This one includes an article on Ingrid Bergman’s life, another about the Beginner’s Mind (a meditation technique), and writings on understanding anger. Along with freebie paper goodies, beautiful illustrations, several different tactile papers, and of course, a very good, huffable, smell. They divide each issue into 4 parts:

  1. FEEL CONNECTED: about family, relationships, friends, but also about the world around you.
  2. SPOIL YOURSELF: indulge yourself with pretty and fun products.
  3. LIVE MINDFULLY: living with awareness, attention for the now, mindfulness and psyche.
  4. SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE: practical solutions to make life easier, even inside your head.

They also have two apps that I’m already enjoying.365 Days of Flow app features a fact, quote, or idea that feels “flow” for each day. And the Flow Magazine app showcases free digital content – there are two issues for you peruse!

From what I can gather, the printed English editions occur twice a year, so the higher price of $22 won’t hurt as much, and I really think it’s one of those sweet splurges that are hard to find: Flow is definitely worthy of your time, without weighing you down.


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