a little this, a little that, and some wool

by mari

twoosies handmade mayan stuffed toys - sheep and lions | Small for Big

I have this big beautiful basket filled with some of my favorite yarns sitting in my iiving room – I can see it from here. Each yarn is destined for a knitting project I have yet to find time to start. In fact, they were picked for specific projects. But I have to admit, I love them just as much piled in a colorful, sumptuous jumble on my living room floor. It’s the best eye candy.


I have a feeling that’s partly why I can’t stop looking at these sheep from Twoolies. They have that same luscious, richly hued, wanna run your hands through it piles of wool. It’s sort of like the urge I have to run my hands through the bins of dried beans at the grocery store. To add to their appeal? Mayan weavers make each animal by hand in the highlands of South Mexico using 100% natural wool knitted on manual looms. Good from start to finish.


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