appy day: toca boca’s nature creator

by mari

Toca Boca Apps - Toca Nature Game for Kids - educational apps | Small for Big

You can never steer wrong with an app for the kids from Toca Boca. I could review all of them, and run out of superlatives pretty dang fast – each one is amazing for such different reasons.


The beauty of Toca Boca’s games is there no winner, no loser, and no end to the games. They’re open-ended, exploration-minded, and full of originality. Take Toca Nature as a prime example: children build their own lands – complete with various trees, landscapes, water, and animals. Then they interact with that land. Kids can change it, rearrange it, chop it down or build it up. They can start over whenever they want. Right now, Birdie is simply entranced with diving deep into the forests and finding each and every animal she’s added. Plus, she figured out how to use it all on her own – then she couldn’t wait to teach me too. She told me I just had to share Toca Nature with you – and she was right.

Stop by Toca Boca’s Toca Nature page to download the app, find videos and behind the scenes stories, plus printables and downloads too! (Though, if you ask me, I like my animal masks over at Smallful just as well!)


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