round about: bandit knobs & cardboard domes

by mari

DIY Cardboard Dome Fort - modern pasta beads - DIY barrettes for girls | Small for Big

The only thing I have to say about this week is that last night it snowed. Yep. Our warmer weather went out the window and I spent the evening under a heated blanket, I was so chilled! Fingers crossed the forecasted warmer weather arrivees asap so I can just ignore what may or may not have happened last night. Let’s pretend it was a dream? Ok, good. Here’s hoping your week has been warmer and sunnier than mine!

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • squee! This little guy pops up out of his pocket brooch! via Etsy’s Tumblr..
  • You’ll want to wear these noodle necklaces more than your kiddos. via Alisa Burke.
  • One of those slap your forehead why didn’t I think of that moments. via Ohoh Blog.
  • I wonder if I can convince Birdie that this is a cool look for her next room? via Oaxacaborn.
  • so it’s kinda complicated, but if I had the space, we’d be building this cardboard dome fort. via Hannah and Lily.
  • Turn any random dresser into your kids’ favorite piece with this range of knobs. via Kid Independent.

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