round about: paper veggies & women on 20s

by mari

The best posts online this week include: ants watch, women on money, crepe paper carrots diy, easter garland diy, paper masks, and toothbrush easter eggs diy.

The theme of my week seems to be about lightening my load. I’m all for that. The flu seems to be waning, though slowly, and my Easter projects are all done. I even met another deadline for a freelance client, and today we’re headed out of town to celebrate my husband’s birthday – even though it’s just a quick roadtrip away, boy, howdy am I ready for a mini vacation. I might even, gasp, read a book. Unfortunately, that book isn’t a work of fiction, but a book about raising girls. Fascinating stuff, but a harder read nonetheless. We’ll be back just in time to greet the Easter bunny, and then it’s time to move headlong into Spring. Thank goodness, amiright?!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, however you choose to celebrate it!

Meanwhile, round about the internet this week:

  • This April Fool’s gag is so good, I wanted to buy one for Birdie. What kid wouldn’t want ants in a watch?! via Analog Watch.
  • Vote for the woman you want to see on our twenty dollar bills – or at least learn more about the 15 candidates. via Women on 20s.
  • Add some veggies to your Easter festivities. via Craftberry Bush.
  • This garland is so modern and colorful, I love it. via Mini Reyve.
  • You better believe these masks are giving me tons of inspiration. via Ta.Ta. Kids Design.
  • Leave it to Bar to come up with a super gorgeous Easter egg decorating method using toothbrushes! via Art Bar.
  • Bonus: a big thank you to Stacy for her sweet feature of Smallful’s Easter Printables! via Kids Stuff World.

Smallful Easter printables paper crafts and diy projects for kids this Spring

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