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by mari

Summer trends 2016 - Playtime NY trend spotting - Childrens trends | Small for Big

Ah, summer trends. There are the timeless classics, of course, lighter fabrics, summer breezes, and a good pair of sunglasses (can I please have the star shaped sunglasses at the end of this posst? pretty please?. But let’s look at the trends on the horizon in the world of Children’s gear and fashion for 2016. Playtime NY is here to help us out, and I have to say, they’re already inspiring me!

On the road

Pack your bags and take off to explore the world! New places, new cultures… at each stop, the bags are stuffed with ethnic embroideries, folkloric prints and colors from another land. Once back home, it all gets mixed up into multiculti ensembles and the voyage continues!

summer 2016 children's trends - Playtime NY 2015

Take it easy

Escape from the hustle and bustle. Children know better than anyone how to close themselves off in their own little bubble, slow down, and let their spirit wander… A perfect chance for a stylistic break in order to purify shapes and wrap up in white.

summer 2016 children's trends - Playtime NY 2015

Let’s dance

Little ones or big ones, no one can resist the disco rhythm! Sequins, rhinestone and psychedelic prints invade the dance floor. Donna Summer gets everyone up to shake their booty!

If you’re a professional buyer, make sure you pre-register for your Playtime NY experience so you can enter to win a trip to Paris! You can always give me your tickets when you win. I wouldn’t mind one bit.

Special thanks to Playtime NY for sharing these trends with us. All images thanks to Julie Malai.

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