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by mari

Top Modern Piggy Banks - How to help Kids Save Money - PIggy Banks for Kids | Small for Big

Birdie found a stash of spare change in the car today, and spent a significant amount of time counting, and sorting her riches into one of her piggy banks. It turns out we have several – thanks in part to a favorite paint-your-pottery shop in our favorite weekend spot. One of these days I’m going to label them: save, spend, give just like all the good parenting advice says to do. Yep, some day soon…

In the meantime, I wish our “piggy” bank collection (very few of ours are actually pigs!) included these modern gems too. Heck, maybe we need all of them – what other categories could we add besides save, spend, and give? Ha, time to brainstorm!

Ceramic Critter Bank | Plan Toys Piggy Bank
Norsu Elephant Money Bank | Made By Humans Balloon Bunny Bank

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