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by mari

Corby Tindersticks - Stuffed Toys with Glasses - Modern Toys for Kids | Small for Big

It was one of those wonderful weekends where I actually felt good at the end of it, like I’d accomplished something. Even though, to be frank, it really wasn’t much at all. Just living life. So, to be honest, I don’t have a lot of words for you today – I’m still basking the glow of a good weekend. And I kind of want to pretend it isn’t Monday and if i write this post, then it really IS Monday. So, ignore these words. Enjoy these absolutely perfect creatures from Corby Tindersticks, and have some dark chocolate to keep you going. That is all today.

corby tindersticks stuffed toy corby tindersticks stuffed toy with glasses corby tindersticks stuffed toy

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