birds of a feather

by mari

The Far Wood - Handmade Stuffed Toys - Plush Bird Toys | Small for Big

Have the birds returned to your neighborhood? One of my favorite things about Spring is hearing the birds chirping like crazy early in the morning and whenever I leave our windows open. It’s this noisy symbol that the natural world is coming alive and I cherish it!

The Far Woods - Handmade Stuffed Toys - Plush Bird Dolls

It’s a perfect time to remember how much we love our feathered friends – with these adorable plushies from The Far Woods. These birds are all handmade with quilted wings, embroidered faces, and soft felt feet. Some of them even come dressed in swimming suits! I hear they’re part of the town’s synchronized swimming team: the Basking Birdies. Come on, could that be any cuter?

The Far Woods - Handmade Stuffed Toys - Plush Bird Dolls

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1 Linda Crow April 21, 2019 at 10:26 am

Your crow is adorable.

I am expecting a new addition to our family and if I could make your crow to go with the baby quilt I’ve created that would be so wonderful.


Grandma crow to be


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