round about: rainbow sandwiches & failed legos

by mari

This week's top links include Fairy House DIY, Orange Popsicle Recipe, Rainbow sandwich recipe, piano video, washi tape art.

So it just hit me. It’s summer. Does it feel like summer to you, because I’m not onboard yet. Why is it the weeks speed by, and yet that summer feeling really doesn’t kick in until a month or so after it starts? What do you do to help you get into the summer swing of things, and help you really enjoy it right away starting June 1st?

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • Forget gingerbread, you can make these year-round. via Etsy’s Blog
  • A rainbow-sandwich even my kiddo might eat! via In the Playroom
  • Why doesn’t this happen when I play the piano? via This Is Colossal
  • Upgrade those paper plates to fine artistry. via Art Bar Blog
  • Maybe these would put me in the summer spirit. via Modern Parents Messy Kids
  • Knowing how long it takes to pry apart Legos, I can’t figure out how no one noticed this happening? via Babyology

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