round about: sisterhood & circle glasses

by mari

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This week my husband and I celebrated eleven years of marriage. Well, actually, we almost forgot to celebrate it? Luckily my parents called and reminded me! Part of the problem is the fact that we have two anniversaries to keep track of. Yep, we like to be different I guess. We eloped (for the fun of it) in Scotland, and then a year later told everyone at our American wedding ceremony. SO that’s two different dates, two different years, two different countries. I’m always confused. But it’s worth it, of course. So we went out to dinner, how original! How do you celebrate your anniversaries?

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • The cutest use of Duct Tape I’ve seen yet. via Hello, Wonderful
  • You’ve never seen embroidery like this. via So Super Awesome
  • These party favors are so over the top adorable! via Julep
  • How does she find so many awesome photos so often? via Design Love Fest
  • You won’t believe these tattoos. via Colossal
  • Little toy bags your kids would steal from you. via Trendland


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