round about: raw crystal crowns & fat hammers

by mari

This week's top links include handmade amethyst crown, modern dog artwork, handpainted eggs, Japanese Toilet Design, British Science Museum, hammer art.

It’s been a long time since this happened – but this week disappeared on me. I’m not sure where it went, because on any given day things seemed relatively easy and manageable. But suddenly it’s Friday and my to-do list is still a mile long. So, while you enjoy these crazy links I found this week, I’ll be madly crossing things off my list! Wish me luck my friends, wish me luck.

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • Now this is the perfect start to your halloween look. via So Super Awesome
  • Don’t you just love rainbow colors? AND dogs? via Yoni Is Happy
  • The modern colors and traditional techniques together =awesome. vi Etsy Blog
  • Seriously, only in Japan. via Spoon Tamago
  • Ok, let’s book a flight and head to London. via Notcot
  • You’ll look twice at this artist’s works. via Colossal

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