the two things you need now

by mari

Thanksgiving Turkey DIY Printable - Printable Advent Calendar - Thanksgiving Decor DIY | Small for Big

It’s simple. Thanksgiving is next week, and right after that it’s advent calendar season!

You know what that means? A quick trip to, my sister site, full of lots of playful, instant-gratification, printable craft projects. But let’s focus on just two for today.

First of all. Let me introduce you to my favorite turkey on the entire planet: the Thankful Turkey Printable. It’s a little bit crafty, a little bit arty, and ready for anything. It’s true, you can leave it white and minimal and mod up your celebrations, or give an extra copy to kids to decorate any way they’d please. (just note, assembly is fairly detailed on this one, younger kids will love your help).

Thanksgiving Printable Turkey - DIY Thanksgiving Crafts - DIY Turkey

Then, once you’ve cleared away the Thanksgiving leftovers, gear up for the best ever Advent Calendar Printable. This thing comes with boxes big enough to hold all kinds of little goodies for your favorite younguns, and assembly is easy. Stack them like a beautiful modern tree, or line them up however you feel like (they’d look great along a fireplace mantel). Then fold them flat to store them until next year.

adventboxes9 adventboxes10

Smallful has some really fun ornament projects too, mostly because I just LOVE this holiday season of twinkly lights and snowy nights. Go on over to Smallful and have some fun!

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