round about: bee’s knees & cat’s pajamas

by mari

20s Slang for Kids - Ikea Collaboration - Kid Inventors | Small for Big

I’m staring at a blank page and realizing I don’t have much to say this week. The week was a white wash of snow and more snow – much like this formerly blank page as a matter of fact. There was some design work here and there, some book reading, some napping, and of course the usual school shuffle, but it was a pretty average week. And I’ll tell you, pretty average feels pretty good after the whirlwind of the holidays and a big birthday weekend for Birdie. I’ll take average for now, how about you?

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • This is such a beautiful and easy drawing idea – anyone can do it. via Craftwhack
  • Liven things up with these new items at Ikea. via Poppy Talk
  • Confuse the heck out of your kids, add these to your vocabulary. via Vintage Everyday
  • These kids’ inventions are astonishing and awesome. via Cool Mom Picks.
  • Parties turn into extravaganzas with this chandelier. via Oh Happy Day
  • Birdie and I love doing yoga together – check out these fun poses for you and yours! via Camille Styles

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